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Product Name:12mmRGBW    
Product Unit:100pcs/bag  
Specifications:RGBW-12mm IP20  
Price:pls inquire us  


Item NO.:QJ-SR12BB-5,QJ-SR12XB-5,QJ-SR12BXB-5

Note:        No Cable             Single cable    Middle Cable


  • This series is used only to IP20 led strip

  • Quickly connect led strip, just cut and connect

  • Convenienct to use, easy to uderstand and install, can connect any 12-24V power supply.

  • Any length can be cut and connect. Easy and save.

  • Improve the conventional soldering technique, reduce manpower.

  • Can realize varioty of installation of led strip, extend to multi direction, avoide limit by space.

  • easy to maitain,can quickly reply the defective led strip.


  • LED strip connector RGBW .pdf