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Product Name:IP65 led strip connector    
Product Unit:50/bag  
Specifications:IP65 10mm SMD  

Item NO:          QJ-DJ10BB-2 、            QJ-DJ10XB-2  、              QJ-DJ8BXB-2

Item NO. Note:   No cable              single end with cable                    two end with cable


1.Fastly connect dripping led strip without peeling surface coating. Just cut and connect directly.

2.Easy to use and understand, connect led strip to any DC12-24V power supply.

3.Can connect led strip at any length.Convenient and safe。

4.Save manpower cost from conventional soldering technoloy。

5.Support various installation, extend led strip to differnt direction, free from installation position limit

6.Easy for maintenance, can replace defective led strip easily.


LED strip connector IP65 10mm single color.pdf